Nature and Science Programs at Wonder Works

About this Blog

This Nature Works blog is an experiment. It’s an attempt to extend the hands-on, interactive Nature Works programming we are doing at Wonder Works this summer out the museum door, through the Internet, and into your home and backyard.

We’ll use this blog to:

  • Describe Nature Works programs as they are developed.
  • Show you Nature Works activities as they happen at Wonder Works.
  • Identify and help you learn more about the collections of rocks, bones, and shells that you make during Nature Works programs.
  • Help you discover nature in the yards, alleys, treelawns, and parks near your home.

So, here are the first four Nature Works programs we have planned for this summer.

  • Bug Finders: June 22-23
  • Rock Hunters: June 29-30
  • Animals with Bones: July 6-7
  • Beachcombers: July 13-14

Each program runs two days, Friday and Saturday, from 10 a.m. to noon both days. Nature Works activities are included with general admission to Wonder Works ($6 per person for non-members).

For more information about Nature Works programs, please visit the Wonder Works website:

There is also a PDF Nature Works poster that you can download:  (The little boy on the poster is my son, Ethan, as he looked 8 or 9 years ago. Go here to see him now.)

We’ll post more information about each program during the weeks before it happens–and then add more about that topic during the weeks that follow.


By the way, the look and feel of this blog are part of the experiment. We’ll keep messing with the design and writing style until we get something close to right.


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