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Rock Collection Cards
March 4, 2016, 5:35 am
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At both the 2016 Forest Park Public Library STEAM Family Fair and the ESCONI Juniors booth, there were several types of rock collections that young collectors could make for free. (Only a few collections were available at any time.)

Collectors could take the rocks and a card home in a plastic bag. Scroll down this page for photos of completed cars and more information about the rocks


ROCKS FROM VOLCANOES: Pumice and Scoria are lava rocks that have lots of bubble holes. Apache Tears are solid lumps of Obsidian (volcanic glass).



ROCKS BY COLOR:  This collection card has rocks can be identified, in part, by their color:

Rock Hunters: Collection of rocks identified, in part, by color.

You can learn more about these rock types at the Neighborhood Rocks website. Here are direct links to five of the types of rocks shown above:


The following collections were only available at ESCONI:

ROCKS ARE MADE OF MINERALS:  This card was designed to show that many types of rocks are made of one or more types of minerals. The example on this card, pegmatite, includes three types of minerals: white mica, pink feldspar, and quartz:


Click here to learn more about pegmatite.


CLASSES OF ROCKS  The third type of rock collection included two examples for each of the three major classes of rock, igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic:


Click here to learn more about the three classes of rocks.



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